Logic Based Multiple View Game

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I am not a programmer, yet.

I am using Xcode 3.1.2, I want to create a simple logic game. User selects appropriate object or sequence of objects in one view and the game advances to next view.

I am not asking for code. If anyone could please advise me as to what to start with. View-Based, Window-Based, or Navigation-Based?

I do not what the user to be able to jump from view 1 to view 5, which is what I envision a Navigation-Based app would do. The user should have to accomplish some specific set of criteria before the view advances.

If this is not an appropriate question for this forum I apologize.
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Navigation based is so you can pop views on and allow users to go back to older views.

You'd really only need one view and just update the view or replace it. So a View-Based should work.
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