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I unfortnatly had my macbook HD die on me last night Mad I was sure I exported my certificate for my iphone development as recommended in the docs but I cant seem to remember where I backed it up to. If I cant find it am I screwed, or can I simply revoke the current certificate and create a new one?
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You don't have to keep anything you downloaded around; you can generate all the certificates you need on the iPhone developer program portal. I had to do this recently when I was getting back into iPhone development, having first set it up almost a year ago...
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Thanks!, thats certainly a load of my mind.. now I've just got to work on trying to recover what ever data I can. Then its off to the apple store
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Depending on how seriously your harddrive is damaged you might consider using Data Rescue II.
On a "normal" harddrive crash(ie. a write error occured by one reason or another damaging the OS) you might be abel to mount it and transfer data from another computer or trough a external harddrive case.
Had a pretty bad harddrive crash a couple of months ago(15 GB data lost in total) and Data Rescue II was pretty much the only thing that worked.
TechTools 4 is to the best of my experience good but it chrashed when I used it.
TechTools 5 is just annoying, however you might have better luck with it.
DriveGenius might actually work to.
Data Rescue II is relatively cheap but it won't repair your harddrive if it's possible.

TechTools 4/5 might be abel to repair the harddrive(map out bad blocks).
Never got the hang of the file recovery in version 5, version 4 worked decent when it worked.

Data Rescue II supports cloning and data recovery(great if the harddrive is heavily damaged).
While it's a great program for file recovery the question you should ask yourself is if it's worth getting back the data for that sum of money since you probably won't be using the program again.

Apples own program(/applications/utilities) have never worked for me but it's worth a shot since it's free.
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