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Hi guys!
Dom here, from Supermassive Quazar, a Freelance Music Composer from Montreal, looking for a break in gaming.
Been doing music for independent movies, collaborated+composed with/for many awesome international artists, plus had a couple of music contracts as well, but what really drives me is gaming, and gaming music.

A fellow game music composer mentioned this site to me, so I thought I'd join in and offer my services.

I consider myself very versatile, fast, easy-to-work with, and (quite) productive.
To put it simply : I spend most of my time recording in studios.
I like to challenge myself musically, and no other type of entertainment offers this opportunity, if you ask me.

Here's a partial list of my work.
My gaming Video Reel :
Supermassive Quazar's Partial Video Reel

Videos such as this one :
The Evil Within Demo Reel
I also did all sound design and VA.

Other videos are only plain music, and some actually use the in-game sounds, depending.

So please, contact me if you are looking for cool music material
And comment away if you feel like it

Thanks a bunch, guys! Talk soon, hopefully
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