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So my app I have toiled over for the last months is nearing completion. Art is the main thing I have to wait on now. Seems I can't pay people enough to deliver on schedule. Anyhow I had a few questions for people who have released apps already and had mild to moderate success.
1)Did you do a lite version right away or after a few weeks?
2)Pricing, for games that offer a lot more then is typical can you break that .99 barrier?
3)Review process, my first title(which was small) took about 8 days to be reviewed. This game is much larger in scope. Does that matter, are they playing it all the way through etc?
4)Lite advertisement: A while back there was a big todo about apples new rules about not mentioning your full version in a lite. Does anyone have further experience with how much inforcement this is getting. For example could I put something like The Lite version only has X,Y,Z. For more see the full version.
5)Website-How much work are you guys putting into your website. Is any traffic actually coming to buy a game via the web or is it all appstore?
6)Anything else you want to mention about a game launch of something more complicated?
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