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Hi, I'm a newb to iPhone game development, but not software development in general. I'm looking to create a simple 2D game. After trying out a few apps, I'm probably going to use Unity3D for the engine.

Now I'm wondering about sprite creation. I'd like to have a pixel level editor that I can use to not only create the sprites, but test the animation of them. I really like pixelmator as an editor. Maybe there is a "trick" used to do this in an editor like pixelmator? Using layers or some other cool thing I don't know about? How do you guys typically handle this? It seems the tools specifically for creating sprites lack the power of the pixel level editors, and the pixel level editors lack the power of the sprite creation tools for this.

Thank you.
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I think GIMP and Pixen let you create and preview animations IIRC.

Not to dissuade you, but have you looked into doing 2D sprite based games with Unity? Having written 2D games using SDL/OpenGL and used Unity Pro for doing 3D work, I can't really see any benefits of using Unity for a 2D sprite based game. As a 3D engine, it's going to make your life a bit more difficult. If you use the built in rendering/gameobject system, you will lose the ability to control drawing order for alpha blended sprites, and you'd just end up drawing sprites using your own code anyway. I do have my qualms with it, but it's a good engine overall for doing 3D. I would really expect that you'd spend as much time undoing or working around the 3D nature of Unity as writing something from the ground up. The only real benefit I can see is that it would give you free cross-platform builds and a web player.

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I'll check out GIMP and Pixen - Thanks.

As for Unity, I have only been playing with the trial - I haven't really gotten heavy in to it yet. If I were to ditch Unity altogether, how would I be able to do things like particle effects for example? I was considering Unity because, for the price, it also does 3D so I could use it on future projects if I decided to go in that direction.

What about Torque? What's your take on that engine? It's a little more expensive, doesn't provide the ability (for that price range) to do 3D but does come with source (which I like).

Honestly, the amount of tools and choices are a bit overwhelming so no, I'm not wishing I read your response Smile Thanks.
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For 2d you could try coscos2d. Its free and from what people are saying pretty good. For particle effects, they are really not that hard. Just make a particle engine class that renders them. I don't know how the iphone will handle them if they have a lot of particles though as that could start to add up. Having a particle engine is one thing having it running along with a full game is another thing. Maybe somebody who has used on can comment.
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