Preventing texture from creating transparent gaps on edges

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The texture I'm using is doing filtering for the edges but it creates gaps for the extrusion.

[Image: ScreenShot2014-01-17at75149AM.png]

The yellow shape is the texture, the white shape is an extrusion and the red shape is the background.

The red background should not be seen between the face, the yellow shape, and the extrusion.

What approach should I use?
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extrude more?
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But that will still give you the view of the inside and possible outside where the extrude and face supposedly connects.
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Right now it's like the extrusion bounds are going through the center of the texture's edge, when it needs to extend all the way to the inside edge of the texture's edge.

The two could line up exactly if they were using the same points defining the curve and were rasterized at the same resolution, but clearly that's not the case. Your only choice is to ensure the extrusion covers up the lower-res texture edge by simply extruding that side more.
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