Action-packed escape game! How far can YOU get...?

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"In 1945 a group of captured soldiers were placed in a POW camp and told they would never escape. Using their specialist skills, these man promptly devised a plan to attempt their most daring breakout yet."

So if you can steal enough supplies,
and sneak past the guards,
and if you can get over the fence...

maybe you're ready for...


[Image: 1010565_10151841027190303_311115208_n.jpg]

'The Breakout' is an indie game currently in development, where you have to escape from a MAX security POW camp set in WW2. You play one of a group of captured soldiers who has to learn the layout of the camp, steal supplies, bribe guards and concoct an elaborate escape plan, all under the watchful eye of the ruthless guards.

[Image: 1398724_175168762683749_957973272_o.png]

The game will pay homage to classic movies like 'The Great Escape' and click n point adventure games of the 90's like 'Monkey Island' and 'Day of the Tentacle' but with a more serious tone as the camp is a ruthless place where if you are caught escaping you will be sent to confinement or even shot!

If you manage to escape from the camp it turns into a mad dash to the border with the guards coming after you with everything they have - guard dogs, motorbikes, jeeps, tanks and even planes to hunt you down.

[Image: 45121_10151841028480303_607885407_n.jpg]

You can see more on our facebook page here:

We are a small team of indie game developers who care about great stories and fun games. Any suggestions/ideas are more than welcome, we want you to help shape the game at this early stage before going to kickstarter for funding at the end of Feb
thanks everyone!
the Breakout crew

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Looks promising !
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