AAA Shooter being made in UNITY? Video footage attached please give me feedbacK!

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BackSpace Multiplayer Space Game -

Making this game with free version of Unity. We are trying to compete with some pretty big titles so I know this is hard.

Anyone have any feedback? I'm one of 2 devs working on this project..

Espen Skaar

thanks again for checking it out guys Smile im always coding i never have time to check peoples feedback but i will try
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Well you've done one smart thing, which is to make the game playable very early.

The gameplay shown in this video looks fairly standard for a shooter, though I could easily be missing something.. It would be nice if you highlighted your "hooks" if you have any. Is there something unique about the setting or the combat (spacesuited combat, low or no gravity for example.) Is there some RPG or RTS going to be mixed in? Is there some story you are eager to tell? Some itch that current shooters don't scratch? Something unique about the enemy AI?

Not saying you have to break new ground, but usually when people work on something like this they have one or more goals beyond "learn how to make a game". Though honestly, making a game is hard enough and you will learn so much that there's nothing wrong with that being your primary goal. But most people have some other goal when they set out. If there is some aspect that you feel particularly passionate about, you might do well to share it, see if you can get others excited as well.

Good luck!

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