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Hello, What i want to do is read positions of multiple fingers so i can define different touches for different purposes - for example controling 2 joysticks on screen. Currently I have one joystick and i use one finger to control that and it works fine, then when i use the other finger to touch anywhere on the screen to shoot it does not recognize that touch. But if i release the joystick finger i can then use my other finger to shoot.

im using th standard way of checking for a touches

// Handles the end of a touch event when the touch is a tap.
- (void)touchesEnded:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event
CGRect bounds = [self bounds];
UITouch* touch = [[event touchesForView:self] anyObject];

if (firstTouch) {
firstTouch = NO;
previousLocation = [touch previousLocationInView:self];
previousLocation.y = bounds.size.height - previousLocation.y;
//[self renderAliveObjects];



How can i look for a position of say touch[1].x or touch[2].x etc?

thanks for any help on the best way to solve this.
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[view setMultipleTouchEnabled:YES]; ?
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Thanks a lot, its working perfectly now.
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