framework for 2d game development?

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I've been reading you for a while, but never posted before, so hi everybody.

I've just finished my first game, made in cocos2d, so it's only for iOS platforms. For my next one, I'm planning to move to another framework with more crossed platform functionalities.
I make 2d retro games, so which framework do you think that would be better for me? unity maybe?
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Well, you can still use Cocos2d if you like it. There's a C++ version, and the Obj-C version targets OS X too. Even Windows and Linux if you use that tool that I can't seem to find right now with Google…

At any rate, any of the other tools will work well. It's just a matter of which one you might want to spend the time to learn. Smile

Unity is very very different from anything else I've used.
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Unity is very easy to learn and let's you do a ton of different things! With the new Update there's also a 2D game option available when creating a new project. I develop with Unity 3D for 5 years now and it's really powerful!
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