It's Music Time! with Composer Pixelee

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Seriously, another composer for hire? Yes, I'm afraid so :'( As you want your game to prosper and let users have a great experience, I too have the same passion. 50% of the experience from users is also based off music.

I want to create a relationship with you and let my music create a great memory for the end user with your game.

Q&A Time!

Why me?

-Flexible. I am able to deliver music that fits your game specifically and revisions are totally fine by me.
-Classically trained since 5 and shunned from daylight for the last 5 years self studying audio production.
-Perfect pitched. <- what does that mean? Well, it just means I can replicate any music very easily and this benefit you if you want the music you requested to sound similar to your reference tracks.
-Nominated as the top three applicants out of 10,000 submissions for a record deal in Avex (One of Japan's largest record company)

So what does that mean?

It means you can request music and revisions from a solid classical pianist with up to date whistles and bells on your music and polished that off with a strong audio production. Your music will translate into many systems, be it iphone speakers, laptop/ desktop speakers, or if your users play games in a lecture hall with surround system... yeah!

What else can you do?

I could shine your shoes, but my back is not that good bending down. However, I do make awesome music! Any genre you request, I can make.

You can check out some music on my Soundcloud . If you are not sure what I can deliver, you could also hit me up with an e-mail with some details of your game and I'll compose a free sample for you. I check my e-mail quite frequently.

What I don't do

I used to have a tower defense game on my phone and though the game is awesome, the music is just plain out of genre and it sounds like some guy noodling his guitar with a bunch of solos. I make music tailored to your game.

I don't do low quality music. (8 bit does not mean low quality!)

If you requested a minute of music for a certain price and let say I wrote a 1:50 second track, the 50 second is on me!

How much do you charge?

It depends what you want. How many tracks do you need, the length of the tracks you want, and your budget are some factors. FYI your budget does not reflect the quality of my service. But you know, if it's too low, well I think I would be better off spending my time watching some cat videos on Youtube or making "love" tissues Wink

Here are some sample music I made.

"Root Of Conflict": (Battle theme, Elves Voice, Cinematic)

"Adventure In A Sandbox": (Ethnic, Orchestral, Adventure)

"Deserted": (Chase, Trailer, Boss fight)

Thank you for your interest!

Michael Lee
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I'm available again. Here is another recent sample I made for a hip/ modern happy game.

"Inspired On Monday" (Happy, Positive, Light)
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