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What qualifies as a leak in this tool?
I had been using AVAudioPlayer where I set the delegate to point to an object which would then delete the player when it finished. So This is a weak refrence to my Object and I did not hold onto the AVAudioPlayer anywhere else. I plan to hold onto all of these in a list now for safety reasons(what if this method doesn't happen etc) but it got me thinking about what is considered a leak. I also get leaks in things that don't have any of my code in the creation stack trace so I am not sure how I am leaking those.
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A leak is when you no longer have a reference to block of allocated memory.

Believe it or not, the SDK isn't perfect. There are leaks in Apple's code. If you check out the stack trace of a leak and don't see any methods you wrote, it is Apple's code that is leaking.

Leaks aren't the end of the world, especially tiny ones at startup.
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I seem to get a tiny leak every time i play an audio file. I dont reuse audio players because I want there to be a dynamic # of players for possibly the same sound since its tied to a unit in the game. I made sure to store all AV players in an array and clean them up every so often if they are not playing anymore. Still I see a leak happening. The leak trace does have my creation of the av player, but then a ton more code ending in a malloc call. Im not sure what I am doing wrong, the leak is small so it cannot be the whole av player leaking. Anyone have experience with this?
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