P2P or Client/Server?

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I'm developing a game and I'm wondering which is the best way to go, P2P or client/server.

Since my game will be a two-player game (one on one) I'm wondering if a dedicated game server is really necessary. Can't I use P2P networking instead with one side being both client AND server (host)? communicating directly over the internet via TCP/IP?

Of course I'd have a dedicated web server to just handle the social side: finding games and matching players, registering top players, etc.
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One thing to consider is that if this is a competitive game and you do it P2P, there's nothing you can do to prevent cheating. With an authoritative server, you can make sure neither player is changing their game state illegally.
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Wouldn't P2P be a cheaper solution aswell? Or would the players have the ability to host servers themselves? Otherwise you would have to come up with a dedicated server, advantage here being total control and if you get it from the right place you should expect good speeds, that would be important if your game requires a lot of bandwidth or needs to synchronise movement of the the players in the game.

But a 2 player game aka one ob one won't require more than say 100kbit/s? then a dedicated gameserver would be overkill. But you could host over 20 of your gameservers on one dedicated machine depending on the specs.
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