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i am currently trying to make a scrolling game in C++ with BodeBlocks IDE and SFML. i wanted to do my graphics in inkscape (vector graphics) the board and people.i was wondering if it was possible to do so? also would i just simply have to blit it to the screen or individuality blit it for simpler hit detection later. or is there a simpler way to go all together i want to create my own graphics but im not a artist but inkscape makes it easier. some tutorials, references, advice, or anything you could offer or point me into the right direction will be helpful.
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It's certainly possible. I'm not sure what your question about blitting is supposed to mean.

I'm not familiar with SFML but, it has OpenGL access, so typically you'd slice up your vector assets to fit into textures, (export them from Inkscape as appropriatel-sized pngs for instance), and then at runtime in the game load them as GL textures, draw, and be on your way.

As for collision detection, you could also perhaps use the vector shapes in Inkscape to help you generate the geometry for use with collision detection, if needed. Export to a readable vector format which then your game can read to create the verticies representing the collision geometry for the physics engine to use.
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