Listen my music over an hour - Composer offers his services

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Hello there people! My real name is Elias Luukkanen, and I am a composer, and I have already been in certain projects in here.

I have uploaded over an hour of music into internet, so It is free for listening. I made them last year.

The Year 2013 - Soundcloud

Here is my website:

The second reason for this topic is that I offer my music creating services for games of any kind. I can work for free if the project is non-commercial. If the game is commercial I can also work for free, my only demand is 5 % of future income of the game.

I can create music of fine quality in rather short time periods. If you have a project in mind where you are needing reliable employee and a soundtrack please contact me via soundcloud or email:

Thank you for your interest! I'm looking forward to work with you.
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