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Hello there!

I am totally new to the forum and don't know if this is the appropriate place to start this thread or if it's appropriate in the first place. If not; feel free to move or remove this thread.

I am an (digital) illustrator with a long history in graffiti. A while back I started doing digital graffiti pieces, mostly for fun. I'm too old to be running around with spraycansSmile In my opinion a lot of in-game graffiti is quite bad and I'd like to find out if there is a need for custom, digital, realistic graffiti so I thought I'd ask a bunch of people that know their stuffSmile

The totally crappy elevator pitch would be something like this:

More often than not graffiti in games, quite frankly, suckSmile This is understandable as game designers are no graffiti artists (as I am no game designer) but it often results in weird and unrealistic graffiti due to a lack of understanding of the materials used, logical placement, surface on which the art is applied and era in which the art was made.
Granted that in-game graffiti is mostly an atmospheric tool, games could benefit from accurate graffiti as credibility is often the goal in game design. The graffiti you see on shutters is different than graffiti you see in legal spots. Silver burners, tags, throwups and wildstyles all have their logical (and totally illogical) placement. On top of that every country, every city, every decade has it’s own unique style. Very confusing, I knowSmile
And this is where I come in! I am an digital illustrator with a long history in graffiti. I create realistic, digitally drawn, alpha channeled, high resolution and, most importantly, custom graffiti with deep knowledge of materials, surface and logical placement.
Custom graffiti can be an awesome way to add easter eggs, hints, company names and overall realism and atmosphere to your scenes so drop me a line if you are interested!

Check out some of my stuff at:

I'd like to know what you think. Too much hassle, not important enough or awesome?



TL;DR: I do digital graffiti. Want?
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