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I am a father, and I am an old programmer. I have a lovely 4-years old daughter, I love her very much. She is not interested in mathematics, not good at numbers, so I make a simple sudoku game on paper for her to develop her interest, and it does work.

One day, I downloaded a sudoku game for kids, it is more interesting because it use fruits to replace numbers. But, it is not free. So I promise my daughter to make one for her.

And so I did, I created a project 'kidsudoku' on, use cocos2d-x as engine, this is my first time to use cocos2d-x, I've just heard about it so many times.

After I create my project, I thought there should be many other papa just like me, why not make up a team ? So, I got a name for this team ---- papa-legend. When I translate it to Chinese, I got another word ---- cool. Yes, cool seems to be the impression that we technicians give to other people, cool or cold maybe?

I've finished the basically version in my spare time, and gotten road map for this project, but I still have no partners.

SO, I post this thread, invite you, a programmer, a artist or a designer, to join this team. Our GOAL is: produce product for our kids. Maybe you are a papa already, maybe you are going to be a papa. Or maybe you are an IT mama, if there are mamas want to join us, maybe we should change the name to cool papa-mama-legend ?

I am just here waiting for you, my partners.

kidsudoku on


I've pushed this project to Github:
and an editor project:
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