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hi IdevGames community,

I am Neil from EggHead Games that brought you IX the game. Right now i am developing IX2. A better improvement from the previous game in term of lighting and shadow. This game is still very early in the development stages and i do hope that the IdevGame's community will support and give good and bad comment/suggestion/feedback about this game. This is a Sci-Fi top down action/adventure/horror game that run on pc windows and Mac.

Image below show the light does not cut through wall as the previous game. Many player complaint that the previous game lighting is not really realistic and light will go over wall.
[Image: 9486776_orig.jpg]

I've included a video at you tube as a demo of the game that show the light and shadow effect. I also included an opacity test whereby the player enter a roof, the roof will gradually disappear on top of the player.

Let me know what you all thinks and i will post any update here over time.

Neil Gomes at Egghead Games
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