[3dFoin] Limited time free model, November Sale 50% off all items

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Hi guys, we have a new model and it'll be free for a limited time, it's the Fire Bringer statue:

[Image: 01.jpg]

[Image: 05.jpg]

As usual the model comes with unitypackage and many other game formats such as mdl (3dGameStudio), mesh-mtrl-gfx (Esenthel), blend (Blender), smd (HalfLife) etc.

Also we're running the NOVEMBER SALES Grin 50% off all items but that's not all, we have 3 new packs which you can buy to get extra discount!!!

The Fantasy Creature Pack:

[Image: cture.jpg]

Those 5 eye-catching creatures: Wyvern, Orthos, Soul Eater, Watcher and Fantasy Lizard will be awesome for your fantasy games Grin. Bundle discount + November Sale 50% discount ~~> $6/creature XD

The Royal Heroes Pack:

[Image: 00.jpg]

Contains all 6 Royal characters, wizard, sorceress, tanker, knight, dame and archer, enough for you to make a story right? Grin Bundle discount + November Sale 50% discount ~~> $6/character XD

And Horror Creatures Pack Grin

[Image: 00.jpg]

With 5 impressive horrific creatures, awesome for any horror game XD Bundle discount + November Sale 50% discount ~~> $4/monster XD

So, what are you waiting for???? XD YAYYYYYYYYYYYY

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