Looking for Composer and Sound Effects person

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I'm working on a simple kinetic novel and will need some help with the background/ambiance music and sound effects. The clip itself is about 6 minutes long. It is not necessary to create the sound effects or music, but if the music and sound effects are used from a third party they must be royalty free and available for commercial use.

Here are some additional details

-Clip was created in RPGMaker VXAce engine. If you haven't used RPGMaker before that is not a problem.

-I can insert the sounds if you are not familiar with RPGMaker

-You will be listed as a credit (sounds effect artist, sound engineer, composer, etc)

-I'm willing to hire two individuals if necessary, one for music and one for sound effects. I can also work with one individual that can do both music and sound

-Please send or link me things that you have worked on if possible.

If the promo project is successful there may be an opportunity to earn more down the road.

Feel free to e-mail me at Kenkrath@aol.com if interested, send a private message, or reply to this post.
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