How to mod an APK for beginners

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Have you ever wanted to mod an APK for an Android phone? Well here is how you can do it

Create your Environment
1 Download APKTool, search it up on Google.Extract all the files and put them in a folder (Name it whatever you like)
2 Download APK Signer (Look at Sources and Citations)Extract it to the folder as well
3 Make sure all of the files are extracted and you should be good to go!

4 Paste the APK to your Folder and click on Command Prompt.bat and type in apktool.bat dTypeinyourapk.apk
5 Click on the new folder with the APK name, this will contain the files within the APK.
5 Modify whatever you want, as long as you know what your are doing you should be fine

Rebuilding and signing the APK
6 Type in to the Command Prompt apktool.bat b yourapk.apk yourapk_mod.apkThis will build your modded apk
7 To sign your APK simply download one click APK Signer (See Sources and Citations) and copy your modded apk to the folder that stores the Signer. Click on one_click_signer.cmd
8 Run the APK to test, It should be working!

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