GLtron - dusting off an old project

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Recently, I've dusted off an old project of mine, GLtron, maybe
some of you remember playing it. Back in 2001 it was the first
lightcycle racer with a 3D perspective, and it ran on the slowest
3D accelerators, even on the ATI Rage Pro...

Since I stopped writing C++ code for a living, I moved off MSVC and
mainly develop on the mac now, so the MSVC project and even the
linux build system are currently unmaintained. However, there's an
XCode project with OS X and IOS targets on sourceforge (git repository,
subversion contains the old stuff).

I've released some beta versions for OS X, the lastest binaries are
always linked on

I'm looking for feedback on the following points:

- Can you start it without Gatekeeper complaining?
- How is the performance? Do you notice any frame rate drops or
does it feel smooth?
- The user interface is how games looked 15 years ago. Is it still
usable? Would you recommend a complete rewrite of the UI? (probably
necessary for the IOS version anyway, btw. on IOS you can touch in
the upper left corner to simulate the 'escape' key
- I added some new arena shapes, triangle and ring. I would like
to build/have a level editor, so people can make their own arenas.
Any recommendations for that? I'm thinking seperate app, blender
export plugin, web app...

Feel free to answer any of the above, or provide completely unrelated

Thanks in advance,

- Andreas
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Oh wow, blast from the past. I remember playing that all the time! So shiny.

Gatekeeper does complain about the binary being unsigned. Performance is fine.

I think the first suggestion I would make is to add anisotropic filtering as an option. Should only take a couple lines of code to enable it even.

Scott Lembcke - Howling Moon Software
Author of Chipmunk Physics - A fast and simple rigid body physics library in C.
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Thanks for the feedback!

Apparently I don't understand the code signing process yet, I thought Archive & Validate & Export would create the appropriately signed binary, I'll have a look at that again (I wonder why GateKeeper doesn't complain on my computers).

Anisotropic filtering used to be enabled by default, it is really only a single call to glTexParameter(), but it got temporarly disabled while porting to IOS (I used to use glew to do extension checking, but disabled glew since I had compilation issues on IOS), and I forgot to reenable it. I'll do that in the next beta!

- Andreas
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