Developer Article: "What have you tried?"

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kiwiMark Wrote:tl;dr can somebody give me a summary I want to know what it says.

- Lincoln Green
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yeah, even though I'm still just starting to get a handle on programming for Mac/iPhone stuff I've seen that sort of attitude a lot. I'm not yet experienced enough to be answering most questions so really I dislike these posts because of the attitude it causes(the one held by a lot of posters here) where it dissuades them from trying to help out people. Its a philosophy of mine to never put code into a program that I don't understand because not only means that I can't change/modify it when I need to or fix it, but I haven't learned anything so on a similar project later I still would have to go begging for help.

Anyway, I guess my point is that there ARE some of us new guys out there trying to learn stuff who greatly value actual assistance more experienced programmers provide on online forums/ blogs/ etc. So I wanted hop out from my normal lurking mode to say "thanks" and I hope that you don't let the jerks out there stop you from your accumulated wisdom.
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