Maximum about of textures you can upload

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I hope this isn't a naive/stupid question.

I've been making progress on my iPhone game using the texture2d class from the crash landing sample.

So far I've just been loading up my pngs and creating textures from them. But it occurs to me that I can't just keep doing this - presumably there must be some limit to the memory that is used to store textures.

Are there any guidelines on texture management?

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I don't think so, maybe there is something wrong with your memory management, You could print in console the retain count of your textures every time you create one so you could see if you are handle it incorrectly.

Just do this:

#import "stdio.h"

---in somewhere---
printf("%d\n", [myVariable retainCount]);
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First, use pvrtc compression with loader from PVR SDK or oolong engine. It will save you alot of memory.

Second, create dammy texture that should be referenced if loading new texture was failed for some reason (and memory insufficiency is among them)
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