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Hey guys, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself:

My name is Adam Gubman. I've been composing for games for almost 5 years, and have over 60 titles to my name, including some big mmos (Pirates of the Burning Sea), lots of casual games, and 5 iPhone games (Dizzy Bee, Dizzy Bee 2, Bed Bugs - out this week!, and two more that I can't talk about including an audio re-skin for a verrrrry popular Tower Defense game that you've all played!).

I LOVE doing audio for iPhone, and I've managed to develop a system and creative methodology for creating adaptive music. Adaptive music, for those of you that don't know, is music that changes naturally during gameplay depending on player choice...it's a conglomeration of layering and savvy writing that blends player input with music output. It adds a new level of class and sophistication to your game.

Anyway, I really enjoy working with new and up-and-coming developers. My rates are very reasonable, and I'm always willing to work to a budget or work with you to negotiate package deals for music and sound design.

Please contact me via phone or email, and check out my website for more info. Being that this is such a new platform, I'm learning with all of you, and I'm starting to figure out how this whole iPhone game audio thing works.


949 350 9359 cell

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