glutBitmapCharacter() and glutBitmapString()?

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I'm sort-of-new to OpenGL/GLUT in C. I'm using Xcode to make my first project, a game where you are a square who can shoot a laser at a blue box. It's nowhere near finished, and I wanted to add a title screen. First of all, some text?

I've tried glutBitmapCharacter() and glutBitmapString(), but I can't seem to get those to work. Here's a portion of my main.c: ( I used some code somebody had posted on the forums, if that's you: thanks! Smile )

drawGLString(GLfloat x, GLfloat y, char *textString)
    int le;
    int qs;
    glRasterPos2f(x, y);
    le = (int) strlen(textString);
    for (qs = 0; qs < le; qs++)
        glutBitmapCharacter(GLUT_BITMAP_8_BY_13, string[qs]);


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That should actually work, but you'll need to change the line:

glutBitmapCharacter(GLUT_BITMAP_8_BY_13, string[qs]);


glutBitmapCharacter(GLUT_BITMAP_8_BY_13, textString[qs]);

That should have shown up as a compiler error.
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