Request for "So you want to make an MORPG"

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No there is no typo here, an MORPG is a Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (i.e. The beginner's MMO or Mini MMO).
As every beginner wants to make a large game there needs to be a set of tutorials to go through a proccess of starting on a mac.
The reason I feel this is necessary is that too many beginners start off with the idea that they can kill World of Warcraft or Runescape with their 1337 ideas. The problem is that many of these people are lacking any experience, and as much as these may be good ideas and I hate to kill ideas, they dont have any clue as to what lay ahead. They need better assistance than a vague point to wikipedia or devmaster and such. So how about a thread dedicated to clearing a path through the thicket of game dev, this would ultimately lead to a goal of making a small multiplayer game. Then from here they can work on other tutorials to add on other ideas and eventually make that dream game many years ahead.

This game would be a small 2d game, Quartzed for the starter, that allows simple actions such as pick up, drop and interact with simple items and 2-4 people. The effect this would have is to show the bare minimum work needed. This would help much better than our current redirection. It could also get into a barely touched subject on the beginners networking without OpenPlay.

I don't have enough experience in this field, but I would love to see this up eventually, and would gladly contribute, perhaps on how to maintain motivation (an area I've gotten very good in).
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