Comming back to writing games.

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Been writing games commercially since I was sixteen, gave up when i was 33 after I sold my company to Midway (good move as the share prices are so good now!!).

Not programmed for over 3 years now last games was LA Rush for ps2 & Xbox so coming back is soooooo much fun..

Just like to say thanks for all the help that's on this site.. Its so odd to programme everything myself again, last game I did it all myself was NBA Jam on ps1. I Even had to re learn 3d maths!.lol

Thanks All

Chris Kirby
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Welcome to the site. What part of NBA Jam on PS1 did you help develop? I spent many hours on the SNES version...

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I did the entire game gear & ps1 conversion myself, Next desk to my left at the time was neil hill doing Genesis (mega drive) conversion and to hsi left was jason falcus (now running atomic plant) doing Snes version..

Great days..

You can even play as me if you find the right cheat code.. If i remeber you enter my birth day 18-12-74 and cnk i think, and it puts my head on the sprites

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