Apple's GLSprite OpenGL ES Sample App

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I am going through Apple's GLSprite OpenGL ES sample app attempting to figure out how the code works.

In EAGLView.m there is method createFrameBuffer:

- (BOOL)createFramebuffer
    glGenFramebuffersOES(1, &viewFramebuffer);
    glGenRenderbuffersOES(1, &viewRenderbuffer);
    glBindFramebufferOES(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_OES, viewFramebuffer);
    glBindRenderbufferOES(GL_RENDERBUFFER_OES, viewRenderbuffer);
    [context renderbufferStorage:GL_RENDERBUFFER_OES fromDrawable:(id<EAGLDrawable>)self.layer];
    glFramebufferRenderbufferOES(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_OES, GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0_OES, GL_RENDERBUFFER_OES, viewRenderbuffer);
    glGetRenderbufferParameterivOES(GL_RENDERBUFFER_OES, GL_RENDERBUFFER_WIDTH_OES, &backingWidth);
    glGetRenderbufferParameterivOES(GL_RENDERBUFFER_OES, GL_RENDERBUFFER_HEIGHT_OES, &backingHeight);
        NSLog(@"failed to make complete framebuffer object %x", glCheckFramebufferStatusOES(GL_FRAMEBUFFER_OES));
        return NO;
    return YES;

What do the procedure calls glGenFramebuffersOES and glGenRenderbuffersOES do?

I see they are in Apple's OpenGL ES framework (OpenGLES.framework/Headers/ES1/gl.h), but I can't find either in Apple's documentation under Xcode, on their Developer site or in the man pages on, which makes it difficult figuring out how the code works.
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Cool, thanks!
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