Some questions about PVR textures

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Hi dudes!

I'd like to add pvr support to my program, which runs on Windows, iPhone Simulator and, of course, the iPhone.

*I think for the iPhone I should use this example and glCompressedTexImage2D

*Does last method work on the simulator? Or should I use something like next way?

* What should I do to load pvr on windows? I guess I should use a library I found on (powervr processor designer website) called PVRTexLib in order to decompress the pvr texture and then upload it using opengl (upload it as a bmp) because I guess my ATI 3870 does not have GL_IMG_texture_compression_pvrtc extension Smile

What do you think?
Am I right? I'd like to know your suggestions.

Thanks a lot.
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The simulator supports PVRTC now. Look at the extension string.

IMG's lib is probably the easiest path, for Windows.
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There is PVRTC decompression code in PowerVR's SDK in the Tools folder. That's probably better than using the PVRTexLib dll. The texture loading code in their tools falls back to decompression when PVRTC isn't supported as well.

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