iPhone GLES 2 Orthogonal frame

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Hey there is there a way to forze the othogonal frame to more easily to manage coordinates?

right now i have it (more like opengl has it) default as 2d rendering at -1 1 and -1 1 in xy how can I change it to more 2d friend 0 1 - 0 1 xy?

I remember doing that using glotho back in the day but how does it work now that glortho does not exist? Blink

Thanks In Advance!
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I got it

I had to multiply by a matrix inside the shader in order to get the correct coordinates Rasp

in this case

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hi, this page[1] describes the glOrtho function and the matrix it generates. You are better off loading that matrix into your shader (once per frame) rather then offsetting the default for every vertex that comes through the shader (if I understand your post correctly).

hope that helps.

[1] - http://www.cs.utk.edu/~vose/c-stuff/opengl/glOrtho.html
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