debugger exited with status 1

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i can't seem to figure out what i'm doing wrong.
everytime i call setNeedsDisplay it crashes with exited status 1.
i just want to update the screen.

i took out the [self setNeedsDisplay]; and it still crashes with status 1.
i'm thinking the problem is in the swipe gestures.
i have a swipe detection for left, right, up and down.
i print out which direction the user swiped and it works fine but if i call a method in one of them (say if user swiped left then [self moveLeft]) it gives me same error.

now i am just lost.
i messed around with it and it sometimes gives me the error and sometimes not.
apparently there is nothing wrong with the gestures and most likely its [self setNeedsDisplay];
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A code snippet would be helpful, with the provided information we can't really tell what is going on. As well as the exact errors you are receiving.

Kyle Richter
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