Oh linker how i hate thee

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So i have a project.
I created a new project.
I copied all the source files to the new project
I compile the new project.
I get linker errors that it can't see the files.
The files are not refrences, they are actually in the dir.
If i create a new file with the same name and copy the contents in it works fine.
On the info tab for the file I can see nothing that says the file is any different from the first one.
Any ideas whats going on here?
I have tried cleaning too.
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Have you added the required frameworks to the new project? Check against the old project to be sure. Otherwise, can you post the errors the linker is giving you? That might help narrow down the problem.
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Hey. The linker is complaining that it doesn't see my own source code.
It gives a big list like
.objc_class_name_ScreenRenderer refrenced from literal-pointer@_OBJC@_clas_refs@ScreenRenderer in EAGLView.o

Both those classes are mine.
If i delete it and add it back its fine. But i have a lot of files so i was hoping there was something im doing wrong Wink I tried touching the files, editing etc but no luck
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