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My friend is using iWeb to create her husband's home page. I don't know anything about the app. She says that everything gets exported as an image, even text.

I looked at the site and sure enough, that is true.


What is the solution (outside a different app)?

Carlos A. Camacho,
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I dont know the answer, still i think image-based sites like that are not bad at all, you have total control on appearance, looks good-consistently on all browsers and nowadays you are expected to have a decent connection so page size is not a problem (within limits). At least it's not flash.

Also, complexly styled pages like this tend to easily look all wrong if the browser slightly increases the font size-changes the rendering a little, so image is a simple way to keep things right.

I say it's good as it is, if she doesn't need dynamic content etc, this looks better than what you would get with a wysiwyg html editor.

Maybe google indexing will be a problem though.

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This is standard iWeb behavior. I do not believe there is a checkbox or anything to change it, I may be wrong though I do not work with iWeb much.

Kyle Richter
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I've used iWeb a little bit, and agree it is fully canned stuff although really well done, but it doesn't always force images for text (at least I know I've made pages that came out as regular text), so I know it's possible, but I don't know how or if you can always do it. I suspect they force images if you don't use a known web-compatible font. I have to say I agree with Najdorf -- if it looks good, and you don't need dynamic content, let it ride! I think the site you linked looks absolutely fantastic.
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