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Nightworks Studios - Free Time Collaboration Project
That's Me
Hello everyone,
I am an university student in Italy, and I have been quite involved in game development last year, trying to learn about game programming and development on myself.
I have been initially studying C++ and OpenGL tecniques, but later on I found the superb Unity3d Game Engine (although it's actually named just Unity) and switched to Javascript/C# to start scripting in this GameEngine.
I have currently been "playing around" with Unity for 5 months during my free time, and would like to start a little project aimed to produce something, since all my "outputs" during this time has just been small barely playable mockups.
My current aim is to Design, code, and Release a playable Indipendent-Style Videogame.
I don't have decided the style of the game, or anything, I just want it to be a casual style game, the rest will be decided by us.
I am looking forward to keep working during my freetime (this means the time left out from my social life and university-related activity, that usually is at least 1 hour per day, usually something else) to accomplish my task.
What I Need
Since I am lacking both the needed Creativity to design a game with a " fun 'n easy" gameplay and the artistic ability to create the visual assets for that Project, I am currently looking for someone to join me in this adventure.
I am Pretty much serious on the project: I am really looking forward to seeing this "game" finished. Joining me will mean joining the "will be founded" Nightworks Studios (the name is hanging 'round my head since some time); we will decide if the output of our work will be released freely or for a price, and collaboration with me will consist in an equal share of the income.
I remind you that this will be a free time project: there will be no strict deadlines, but someone that is willing to put effort into this is required.
Also, if you will enjoy this collaboration, working on more projects in the future is something I would be really happy to do
If possible, I would like to see any previous mockups of you, to see if I really like your style.
Contact Me

Feel free to contact me with a PM in the forum, or, as I would prefear at: nightworks DOT studios AT gmail DOT com

Nightworks Studios

Edit: Corrected email address
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