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mattness Wrote:There's Director. I think it works well for 2d game development and it publishes cross platform which is nice. It also has 3d but I haven't used it. My udg entry Constellation is written in it. There are also a number of 3rd party Xtras written for it that extend its functionality. You can change screen resolution via the buddyAPI xtra.
Director is the classic in 2D games. Very capable, suitable for big projects.

I am surprised that nobody mentions Flash.

It seems to me that no matter how much visual design tools you put into a game making tool, you will be back at the code sooner or later anyway, because you can't click-and-drag general game logic.

There is one detail that is worth discussing here: Should games be compiled programs these days, or performance-eating web scripts? When running simple 2D web games, my MacBook becomes severely burdened and the fan starts. But if that is what the audience wants, that's what we must deliver.
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I sent a mail while ago and never received an answer from binaryhammer. I was asking them the price of their tool, knowing them, you may know their price tag?


groovyone Wrote:A few companies offer game engines here's two I recommend speaking with:




Game Audio Professional
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