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The most important thing especially on the iphone/ipod touch is leaving a really small footprint on the device, so cut that file size down as MUCH as you can and that doesn't mean it has to have weak graphics or be a short game, not at all that just means do more on the back-ends and in the clouds so you can create an app that doesn't have to store much of anything on the device itself even opting to go with a download on demand structure for most of the game content rather then bundle it all in the initial application or releasing new content in updates.

A good story is alright but a well structured story is ALWAYS a great thing focus on interesting and informative tidbits, tell most of the story as you can through the actual game play and NPCs but really the overall philosophy here is to not write a novel, but take a passive approach to the narrative focus more on making the story a social experience that is dynamic and evolving not static and finite, basically write a story that never ends Smile

The iphone/ipod touch is in a whole new class of gaming so focus less on map size and the traditional sense of the game play and focus more on game modes and really optimize the gaming experience to resonate from the modes.

For example:
With a small screen you wouldn't want the players to have to travel across a HUGE map to get somewhere to do something or get something then come to find out they gotta travel all the way back across the map to do something else...seems extremely pointless on a mobile device, just make a few game modes. Basically bring the quests/missions to the gamers dont make them go to the quests missions.

if they want to explore just make a world game mode which is optimized for open ended game play, if they want to fight make a mission game mode and a system for accepting or creating missions, and if they want to follow the story make a quest game mode specifically for following the progression of the story, and if they want to do some p2p duels make a game mode specifically for that and be done with it don't try and incorporate to many elements into one game mode or you will just lose the gamers.

Attention to detail- leave no idea unconsidered ESPECIALLY when developing game controls and game play. A bad control scheme will KILL awesome game play and horrible game play will KILL a great control scheme

keep it simple- don't make some CRAZY complex weapon tweaking and customization system

guilds- keep them simple no reason to have 6 different guilds or a separation of guilds and clans/parties or whatever just make the guilds also the clans/parties and give them a tittle, pledge allegiance to a government or faction of some sort and then choose an affinity and be done with it three simple easy to understand steps with two easy to understand attributes.

thats all i got thx for the read Smile

oh and feel free to chip in with more advice if i missed anything and your more then welcome to pitch me your ideas, I will definitely check them out and let you know what I think, just make sure your ideas are specifically designed and optimized for the iphone tho.
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Anyone ported NetHack for iPhone yet?
I'm sure the tile-based version could be used as a good starting point / engine for the iPhone. I must admit, the idea of a small-scale MMO on the iPhone is not without its merits.

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TythosEternal Wrote:small-scale MMO
I do believe that's a contradiction. An MMO, by definition, is a massive game. Wink

An MMO on the iPhone is an interesting idea. If I didn't know better, I would try and make one. Sadly I'm well aware of just how hard making such a game is and feel I'm better off sticking with smaller games.

But if someone did want to make one, I suggest trying to keep to a slower paced interaction system. For instance, walking around the world could be real time, but any interaction with players or enemies turns into a turn based system. This really helps for players on 3G who might have issues with slow or dropped packets.

Another key is making sure the game is something that can be played for 5 minutes hundreds of times. Sure, some people sit down with their iPhone for an hour or two to play some games. But most people are going to want to play for a little bit to kill some time here and there without feeling like the game penalizes that style of play.
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I think MMO is getting to be a catch all term, because MUD doesn't always apply and Multi-player kind of has a FPS thing attached to it.

Someone just released 8 player wi-fi lightcycles for iphone/ipod.
Its only a matter of time.

Can't wait for iBoob MMO, that will be awesome.
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i play some zynga poker on iphone, it's a bit buggy but it's definitely mmo

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