Rotating a clipped Texture

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I am trying to rotate a texture, however since this texture contains animated frames, it requires clipping.

My initial idea was to rotate the texture itself, doing a transform to the current required boundary center and then rotating. However, the VertexPointer and CoordPointers do not get rotated which results in a badly clipped image.

I then figured id just rotate the model, but this seems to effect the coordinate system so my texture is flying around the screen in a big circle unless it is positioned centrally.

What is the correct way to do this?

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I had this problem too. Just be sure to translate your model to 0,0 coordinates before you rotate and after that you translate it again to the required place. That's AFAIK the right way to do this. At least that works like a charm here. Just a side note: I'm also using a texture map with animation.. Still this method works smoothly.

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