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Couldn't tell if I should have posted in the porting to and from mac section but all I wanted was to know how I would get my games on the ipod touch.

I have just started learning C and will soon tackle openGL ES.

Let's say I have made a game for the ipod touch specifically on my PC, do I need to use the iphone SDK?

BTW, some clarification needed: it's no different programming in C with openGL ES on a PC than it is on a Mac?
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Yes, you need to use the iPhone SDK on a Mac. Otherwise you can't compile for the iPhone, test using the simulator or a device, or release software on the App Store.

For learning purposes, a PC would be fine to start with but eventually you'll need to use a Mac. There's no difference between the language of C on a PC and on a Mac, but as soon as you want to start actually doing anything you'd be using a different API.
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Thank you!
That was really helpful.

So, a pc is fine for learning C and OpenGL ES but when I actually want to make a project for the itouch i'll have to youse a mac?

I have both, it's just that i'm new to mac and its very confusing for me to get around using it since i am so much more experienced with a pc. I waste hours trying to figure out how to do this and that lol.
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Hi Jeon -

I have just gone through what you are at now so Im going to make some suggestions.
( yes you will have to use a mac for iphone development ). Try to switch over to the mac now.Its a pain ( I didnt like learning its OS either, and Im still learning ) but there is no getting around it - the sooner the better. C is a good place to start for programming, you will have to learn objective-c soon ( not my favorite language ).
Apress has a couple of introductory books - Learn C on the Mac, and Learn Objective-C on the Mac. Get those and go through them. After that get the various books on iphone SDK. Apress has one, and Pragmatic Programmer has one. Also check out Brandons iphone SDK tutorials on icodeblog.com - very good for the beginner.

fortunately theres a ton of resources out there - good luck.
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I hope I'm not giving bad advice here, but the more I've worked with iPhone, the more I think a person only needs to know a minimal amount of Objective-C to program games on iPhone if you're doing them completely in OpenGL ES. No real need to be an expert ObjC coder. All you need to know is how to deal with some basic OS API calls, and maybe copy-paste working code out of samples for any tricky stuff. Heck, the OpenGL ES template in Xcode has everything pretty much set up for you already. All you gotta do is call out to your C code once at init and then from drawRect every frame and you're out of Obj-C. The only other stuff you might need is stuff like notifications for app resign/resume active. Oh yeah, and you'll need to take input as well. That might be a little more work, but certainly not much. Oh and then there's some image loading to do too, but you can use others' code/sample code for that.
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