Cubemap lookup with normalmap "bumps"

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The above code may not produce an accurate gaussian blur, but the results are optically speaking very good quality. No seams! Good smooth blur!

The following code loads an equirectangular panorama into a cubemap, and performs the blur for specular and diffuse. The following screenshots show the quality of those blurs.

TextureRef panorama = TEXTURE( PATH( IBL_PANORAMA ), Texture::RECT );
TextureInterfaceRef cube = GenerateCubemapFromPanorama( panorama, 512 );

_iblSpecular = BlurCubemap( cube, 15, 1 );
_iblDiffuse = BlurCubemap( cube, 30, 4 );

And here's the diffuse ( no lights! Just the heavily blurred diffuse map:
[Image: ibltest-2009-01-13-01.png]

And here's the specular:
[Image: ibltest-2009-01-13-03.png]

So while it might not be accurate, it looks pretty decent.
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