3D Assets to OpenGL ES

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Hi there, I'll apologise in advance for my noobish question, but I really am not sure where to start. I'm an artist with a good grasp with the way 2D graphics work in 2D games, (file formats, alpha channels, pallette swapping, etc) but I'm sort of unclear on how to get 3D assets onto a mobile platform like the iPhone. How would I get a model and animations that I made in 3DS max into a format that a programmer could use when making a 3D iPhone App using (presumably) OpenGL ES?

Any information in the area would be great, especially tutorials or books to help expand my knowledge in these areas! Thanks in advance!
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Interesting question.

If you are going to use an engine like Oolong or sio2 then they may load meshes or scenes in different formats like the old 3DS.

There is a program called DeepExploration that can export models in opengl (display list and vbo, do not forget opengl do not support display lists or inmediate mode) so you only have to copy and paste into your code.

Personally, I prefer to create my own exporter and loader. Using COLLADA and a library called FCOLLADA, I take 3dsMax models and create my own binary file format which stores everything unless textures (scene graph, meshes, lights cameras materials...) The problem of this is that it requieres a lot of work.

(Textures format is another question)

I think PowerVR docs talk about a propietary format called POV to store scenes, and I think there is a plugin over there, look for it.

Anyway, companies develop their own plugins (usinng Max Script for instance) and their own loaders and file format (usually binary, it is faster)

Hope this helps.
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