iPhone direct camera access

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Can you guys help me - is it possible to have an access to iPhone camera image directly?
I found only this interface: http://developer.apple.com/iphone/librar...ion_4.html

Say, if I want to have camera out shown as texture for in game environment? Or for example for detecting faces like Sony camera does - i need to capture camera and some realtime processing. Is possible?
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I've never looked at the camera interface, but from what I understand, you cannot.

That is the reason why there are no official video recording apps for the iPhone. Making one would mean you broke the agreement to only use public APIs.

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You can only access the camera through Apple's interface. You are unable to directly access the hardware.

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From what I seen, there is so called "private frameworks" which indeed prohibits apple agreement but as I understand its possible for internal usage and than pitch to apple.
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