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Download TouchLeagueSharp:

What Is TouchLeagueSharp? :

TouchLeagueSharp is a C# wrapper and demo web site that can be used to build games on the Competition API. An example application is Come try out the application and play some play money poker with us.

What is the Competition API? :

The Competition API is a set of web services that support turn based asynchronous game play. It is kind of like chess play-by-mail but on the internet. The functions currently supported:

1. User Registration on
2. Advertising Revenue Generation
3. Competitive Ladder for player rankings
4. Set/Get Turn web services for retrieving and updating game state. No database is required for your game
5. Match request by rank and by Team ID
6. BrowseMyGames web request returns all active games, requests, and recent results
7. SetGameNote web request allows in game comments and discussion.
8. Twitter integration for turn, game, and comment notifications.

A couple of Future Features that will be available to games built on the Competition API:

1. Play Ad Free Revenue Generation
2. Tournaments and Leagues

What is required to make a game? :

All you need to make a game is a public web server that can execute code that you write. The TouchLeagueSharp package contains an web project that implements the API. There are comments instructing you where you need to write your game code. We recommend where you can get web hosting for only $7.77 a month. You could also use the free Google App Engine

What kind of games should be developed for the platform? :

1. Turn based piece games like Checkers or Chess
2. Turn based fighting games like Final Fantasy.
3. Turn based war games like Civilizations or Risk.
4. Get creative!

How do I get an API key? :

Request one at Just click contact us and tell us what kind of game you want to make.

Other Comments:

If you are anything like me you not only love games, but you love playing games with other people. As I have gotten older I've seen the amount of time I have available to play games has diminished as my responsibilities have grown. I build this API to accommodate my gaming style. When I have time to play a game it is often in five minute chunks and at odd times of day. This makes playing live multiplayer games hard. By the time I have a group of players ready to go the baby has started crying or my wife wants some help with something.

I also love making my mark on the world...even if this world is virtual. This API maintains a history. If you lose a game today, it affects how high you can advance tomorrow. Having this history helps people develop a community around a game. What happens elsewhere in the community can affect you.

The goals of this API are:

1. Help people build games that can be played at their own pace.
2. Help people build games that can be played with lots of other people.
3. Help people build games that maintain a history.
4. Help people build a community around the game they love.

So far I the API has been a huge success for me. A few friends and I have been playing Head to Head Texas Hold'em at our own pace for a couple of weeks now. With a few games going at one time it seems I always have turns ready to play when I have the time.

I like to invite you to It is free to play. Come play a few hands see what creative juices it gets flowing.
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We've added custom/private leagues and have a new landing page up. More info:
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