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Najdorf Wrote:I actually would have appreciated an underlying interpretation if the game was any good, as it is now it's more an "excuse" for a game.

As it goes, l'art pour l'art. Just like you wouldn't really expect a doorknob to provide much of a philosophical statement, a piece of art doesn't have to open doors.

The statement made by Passage is not a matter of "interpretation"; it is not open to interpration, but skillfully embedded — by the author — in the medium of an interactive computer program, which we usually call a "video game". IMO, this is what makes it so nice when viewed as art, as it's not some random bullshit made up after ejaculating on a canvas.

Quote:With music, pictures, video, games etc. you can most often express much more than with words.

I just mean this is not the case with this game, besides the "statements" it makes there's not much left, the game itself is unplayable.

The game might have limited replay value, and it is very short, but it certainly doesn't deserve to be called "unplayable". Though I am curious as to what exactly you mean. From an interface perspective, I don't see anything wrong with it. The gameplay is straight forward, controls responsive, no unexpected glitches.

I cannot find anything about Passage that would preclude it from being a "video game" in its own right. It is just a very unusual format, as you can't really win, and it is very small, in time and screen space.
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By unplayable I just meant it's the most boring-dull game I can ever recall trying.

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And as someone once said, "There's no accounting for taste" Smile

I find text adventures very difficult to handle, though many people love them and find them to be incredibly deep and rewarding. I would play Passage ten times a day rather than try to fight through a text adventure climbing up ropes and picking up keys.

The Esquire article about reactions to this electronic piece of art is pretty interesting, as some online have completely attacked this guy, while others give him very high praise, and for the most part people are just fairly baffled... which seems to be the variety of thoughts in this thread so far Smile

(And I should have not used the word interpretation earlier, but experience... Passage is making an artistic statement in a different way, and allowing the viewer/player/participant to experience the statement differently than with a painting, poem, or movie)

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