Newcommer wanting to start making games help?

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Hi, I'm Rampage. I'm 14 right now and I would like to learn about how to making my own games. I have some experience in JavaScript. I used to make those online private servers that are based on the MMORPG " Runescape " soo i have some idea about JavaScripting im not a pro at though. Soo anyone have any suggestions to wat i might start out with? i would prefer to start making games in the JavaScript langauge cause im more familiar with it.

Well Basically i wanna learn how to make simple games first like 2d shooting games or things like Pong & Mario.

soo any suggestions?
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There are a ton of JavaScript game resources out there on Google. Thats definitely your ticket to simple 2D games info.

Your best bet is to go through some step by step tutorials, such as the ones in "Javascript programming for Absolute Beginners", which I think you'll have to grab off Amazon as it may no longer be in print (I think).

Unity and Dim3 also use Javascript so you can monkey around with some 3D game programming with those as well.

Have fun.
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You might be interested in Processing. It's Java-ish, and it's very easy to get graphics/sound working. I wrote a tutorial for it (available here: that won't take you very long to get through and will help you figure out if you want to continue.

Other than that, BlitzMax is easy for beginners, but it's not free. Other forum members will have other suggestions, but those are mine.

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