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Wondering if anyone out there would be willing to share how they set up their development environments for use with multiple codebases and or mesh/media assets. I was looking to set up a project with oolong and maybe build it as a static library but wondering where i should put headers. Just wondering if there were any good conventions to follow. I try and set things up like this and note current projects in a 'Current' folder. Not sure if this is the best way but it kinda works.

# 3rd Party projects such as Oolong, Math, Physics, Scripting
[Home Dir]/Projects/ThirdParty/Toolkits/[Oolong / Math / Physics Projects]

[Home Dir]/Projects/Current/[My Game]/Media/Models
[Home Dir]/Projects/Current/[My Game]/Media/Levels
[Home Dir]/Projects/Current/[My Game]/Media/Sounds
[Home Dir]/Projects/Current/[My Game]/Media/Textures
[Home Dir]/Projects/Current/[My Game]/Media/Bitmaps

Also wondering if there was an easy way to generate a static library out of a source project for inclusion in an iPhone project. I think there are a few iPhone templates for static libraries but I never played with them. How do you build/import them etc?

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This is what I do:

~/projects/warehousePlatformer/Resources/sfx/*.wav, etc
~/projects/warehousePlatformer/Resources/src/*.rb, whatever
~/projects/warehousePlatformer/Assets/*.psd, other files in SVN but not distributed in the game

Some of it is specific to the model that Scott and I use for Aerosol, so when we distribute a game, we just dump the contents of Resources into the Resources folder of the application bundle and we are good to go. That won't quite be the same for you, but we definitely found it good to use a structure that did the following:

1) Let us easily check art resources into SVN (our projects never got HUGE)
2) Easily differentiate between files that go out with the application vs. internal art assets, or other files with notes, etc...

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