Tutorial on Multiple View swapping?

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Hey Guys,

I thought I had seen a tutorial or sample code from apple that covered switching multiple views. I have not had the luxury of working on a Mac until a week ago and so I am trying to figure out the best way to create multiple views and swap between them in OpenGL.

What I'm trying to create is a splash screen, a main menu, a couple other views, and then the main game view. As I said, i don't have much Mac experience so I'm trying to figure out how to release the old view, push in the new view and keep on trucking.

If you have seen my OpenGL|ES tutorial you will see that I am drawing my view in the AppController, maybe this is the wrong thing and I should be having the AppController create the first view and provide a function to swap out views by releasing the old one, and adding the new one as the delegate?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Christian "Dragagon"
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So i was sitting down and thinking about how to accomplish my task when it struck me that maybe, instead of doing multiple views, i have one openGL view and multiple controllers. But again the question arises of whether i need a function to set the new delegate and release the old one? I'm guessing yes, so I suppose when i get off work I will begin working to see if I can put together 2 ViewControllers and switch between them by resetting the delegate.

Again, if anyone has any tutorials or sample code or links to apple guides/code it would be greatly appreciated as I try to create an effecient application.

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