Chipmunk physics accessing shapes in multiple methods issue

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Hello all,

I'm brand new to iphone development and I (Probably stupidly) decided to jump in at the deep end.

I have what is probably a very simple issue to fix, but with my general newbieness its giving me on hell of a headache.

Basically I have a simple physics based game running where you're trying to make all the balls fall off the screen by removing the blocks in the way.

My issue is I can't for the life of me get the blocks to remove properly from anything other than the method I've declared the shapes (And bodies) in, if I try to do so it gives me 'ballBody' and 'ballShape' undeclared errors.

So effectively I have the game kicking off, when I hit the start button it calls a method that declares and programatically builds the sprites, then assigns the chipmunk physics shapes and interaction bodies onto it. :

- (void)setupChipmunk {
    //start Chipmunk
    //Create a space object
    space = cpSpaceNew();

// Create our ball's body with 100 mass
// and infinite moment
    //                              mass    moment
    cpBody *ballBody = cpBodyNew(100.0, INFINITY);
// Set the initial Position
                //Width, Height
    ballBody->p = cpv(60, 250);
// Add the body to the space
    cpSpaceAddBody(space, ballBody);
    //Create our shape associated with the ball's body
    cpShape *ballShape = cpCircleShapeNew(ballBody, 20.0, cpvzero);
    ballShape->e = 1.0; //Elasticty
    ballShape->u = 0.8; // Friction
    ballShape->data = ball; //Associate without ball's UIImageView
//    cpShape *ballShape = cpCircleShapeNew(ballBody, 20.0, cpvzero);
    // Add the shape to out space
    cpSpaceAddShape(space, ballShape);


For the sake of it I've only taken the 'ballShape' code which is the one I'm trying to delete when touched currently.

Then within the touchesBegan method I have : -

- (void)touchesBegan:(NSSet *)touches withEvent:(UIEvent *)event

UITouch *touch = [[event allTouches] anyObject];
    if( > self.view.bounds.size.height) {
        if( > self.view.bounds.size.height + 10) {            
            score_int = score_int + 1;
            score.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d",score_int];    
            cpSpaceRemoveBody(space, ballBody);
            cpSpaceRemoveShape(space, ballShape);
            [ball removeFromSuperview];    


Which currently fires off 'ballBody' and 'ballShape' undeclared errors.

These two lines of code are what I need to disable the body & shape (And so turn off the representation of the sprite I'm using.

cpSpaceRemoveBody(space, ballBody);
cpSpaceRemoveShape(space, ballShape);

I'm guessing its going to be a simple call in the header of the method to access the instance variables, but I can't work out what it is

Any help would be much appreciated, really ripping my hair out with this one.

Thanks in advance

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