OpenAL, Fmod, Miles, PortAudio. Is there anything else?

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It seems there is no catch-all solution, but using different solutions on different platforms is often only a matter of making a common interface, and converting some data off-line between the formats.

OpenAL is always present on OSX. Same on iPhone, right, but no compressed buffers? Then OpenAL might be a good pick. Maybe Ogg Vorbis on other platforms. Or Ogg everywhere except iPhone (and other low-power platforms)?

But doesn't iPhone support compressed audio in some way? I have a faint memory from Apple's iPhone seminar (Stockholm, december last year) that one game had moved from too big to usable by using some kind of compression, but I don't remember details (and we didn't get any lecture notes to keep).
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Yes, OpenAL is built-in on Tiger and above on OS X, and since most users are on at least Tiger now, I think the majority would agree it's safe to assume OpenAL is already on the machine.

Yes, OpenAL is on iPhone as well, but no compressed buffers.

Yes, as Frank pointed out, iPhone supports compressed audio. (remember, it is actually an iPod Wink ) You use compressed audio on iPhone through the iPhone hardware, which is done by using AVAudioPlayer, or Audio Queues. Like Frank, I recommend AVAudioPlayer for compressed music on iPhone. Again, that would be for background music (one track of compressed at a time). Short, uncompressed sounds should use OpenAL.

AVAudioPlayer is incredibly easy to use, actually, so writing a wrapper for it to abstract your music playing code should be easy. There are other gotchas on iPhone though, like letting the user play iPod music over the game, or not, etc...
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