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I am one of those lucky enough to get a game on the App Store from pretty early on. There was definitely a lot to learn and quite a few obstacles to actually getting my game on the App Store, and the worse part was that I had no idea if it would be worth it. Now that I have been collecting sales data on my application for a while I thought I would help other potential iPhone programmers by showing what might seem typical on the App Store. You can see the detailed day-by-day breakdown here:

I don't know if this is really what can be expected, but hopefully this helps someone out! If nothing else it is somewhat interesting to see what effects a review or an update has on the sales.

Bridger Maxwell
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Thanks for the detailed numbers, it's great to see them! It should also be encouraging for other developers to keep plugging away.

My numbers for my Car Care app are not that high, and I think games are simply doing better on the app store than other genres. Needs to be a good game, though, too Smile

KB Productions, Car Care for iPhone/iPod Touch
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That is really fantastic, thank you very much Bridger! Grin
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Thank you very much for the information, Bridger. This reminds me that I have to post the ScribBall sales info.
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Wow, $20k in sales after Apple's take. That's pretty sweet!
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Great sales, congratulations and thanks for posting! The little notes on each day are very useful.
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Thank you very much for the detailed info. Very helpful!

You mentioned about that you doubled the price at one stage, so the original price was $0.99?
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